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Spray for Healthy Leaves (1000ml)

Spray for Healthy Leaves (1000ml)

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Unlock the secret to vibrant, robust plants with our potent plant nutrient solution: ANDGRO Plant Growth Booster. From encouraging healthy plant growth to fortifying leaves, our formula stands ready to elevate your gardening experience to new heights. Crafted for both seasoned horticulturalists and passionate amateurs, it's time to nourish your green companions with the essential micro-elements they crave.

Discover the power of ANDGRO Plant Growth Booster:

  1. Encourages Healthy Growth: Watch your plants thrive as they receive the perfect blend of nutrients to fuel their vitality.

  2. Strengthens Leaves: Say goodbye to weak, drooping foliage as our formula fortifies leaves, promoting lush greenery and resilience.

  3. Convenient and Ready to Use: Experience the convenience of our ready-to-use solution, simplifying your plant care routine without compromising on effectiveness.

Summary: Nurture your plants with essential micro-elements required for healthy plant growth and strong leaves. Our effective formula, trusted by both professional growers and enthusiasts, delivers unparalleled results.

Key Ingredients:

  • N (20%) – P (20%) – K (20%) with micro elements

How to Use: Simply spray ANDGRO Plant Growth Booster on the leaves and base of your plants once a week. For optimal results with flowering plants, pair it with ANDGRO Foliar Spray for Flowering. Embrace the journey to flourishing, verdant gardens with ANDGRO – where every plant thrives.

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