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Spray for Healthy Leaves, Organic Neem Oil, Leaf Shine Spray

Spray for Healthy Leaves, Organic Neem Oil, Leaf Shine Spray

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1) Encourages healthy plant growth

2) Strengthens leaves & enhance a stronger root system


Key ingredients:

N (20%) – P (20%) – K (20%) with micro elements


How to use: Spray on leaves and base of plant once every week. For best results in flowering plants, use jointly with ANDGRO Foliar Spray for Flowering


ANDGRO Organic Neem Oil

Rid your garden of insects/ pests in a fuss-free manner with our organic pure plant extract.Highly effective and strong on pests yet gentle on plants.


1) Highly effective insecticide, fungicide, and miticide specially formulated for use in gardens.

2) Combats aphids, mealybugs, scales, and other soft-bodied insects.

3) Minimized impact on beneficial pollinators such as bees, butterflies and etc.

4) Encourages beneficial earthworm activity

5) Safe to use around pets/animals and wildlife. This neem oil is safe to be used on edibles up to the day of harvest.


Directions to use:

1) Apply the spray directly onto the infected areas, with a focus on the undersides of the leaves.

2) Repeat this process on the second or third day. Pest and insects is expected to die within several days, depending on insect size and stage of development, volume of spraying and coverage.

3) As a preventive measure, apply the spray once every three to four days.


Key Ingredients: Pure plant extract, Azadirachtin


Andgro Leaf Shine Spray

Formulated to protect and beautify plants for a healthy shine and dust-free leaves.



1)Beautifies plants with a natural healthy gloss.

2)Minimizes and simplifies maintenance by keeping leaves free of dust

3)Prevents pest (e.g. mealy bugs and spider mites) attacks on plants

4)Maintains healthy breathing pores on plant leaves to encourage photosynthesis


How to use:

Hold canister upright about 30cm away from plant. Spray on leaf surface until lightly covered. Avoid spraying on ferns, succulents or plants with fragile or hairy leaves. Repeat treatment every month or as necessary.

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